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how to order:



  • Make sure you are on our "HOME" Page (top left menu button)

  • Select “SHOP” under the STANDARD  or CUSTOM candle category

    • (CUSTOM candles are anything with a name, date, or logo inspired) 

  • Choose your SHAPE AND SIZE 

    • (Dimensions are listed when you click on the shape)​

  • Select  a DESIGN  from the 1ST design drop-down menu

    • (If you don't find what you are looking for in the first menu list, choose NOT SELECTED)​

  • Select  from the 2ND design drop-down menu

    • (If the design you are looking for is not listed, you will need to shop under "CUSTOM" and attach an image of what you would like.)​

  • Select the INNER AND OUTER COLORS for your candle 

    • (There is an option for "ARTIST CHOICE" If you are not sure what you would like, let us choose for you!)​

  • Select YES or NO for glaze

    • (glaze is the shiny finish on the outside of the wax)

  • Fill out shipping and payment information

  • You will receive an immediate email for confirmation and a second email when your order has shipped!

current turnaround time 30 days


Below we feature images of our candle shapes for selection purposes only. Each shape shown is available with any of our designs, so, during the ordering process, you get to specify the design, glow color, outer color, and whether or not your candle is glazed.
Shelved Candles.jpg
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