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  • How do the candles glow?
    The core of our candles is comprised of a clean, well refined paraffin—so clean that, when melted down, appears crystal clear, like water! This well refined paraffin base allows light to pass through the layers of colored wax our artists apply to the candle by a process called dipping. A simple fire light is enough to light up the colors!
  • How long does it take to make a candle?
    The candle creation process includes dipping in 10-15 minutes and carving in less than 10 minutes. The glaze finish can take up to 1 hour to dry. Typically one design can be made in 15-20 minutes, and each artist produces 4-8 candles in one hour.
  • What is the shiny finish on the outside of the candle?
    The glaze finish is coated on top of the wax we carve. This is a water-based acrylic formulated specifically for use with wax. Some candles are left with a softer matte finish. Glazing does not affect the way the candles will melt. Candles which are left unglazed can have the finish applied at no additional charge, but it will take approximately one hour to have them fully dry.
  • What kind of colors do you use?
    The colored wax that we use to create our candles is dyed with a type of pigment made specifically to blend with wax.
  • How do you know when to dip in each color?
    Layers are dipped in a special sequence of saturation, gradients, and hidden effects which become translucent from the core. Our artists are trained for weeks, if not months, in the method of dipping for an illuminating glow effect.
  • Are the candles scented?
    Our main focus is our artwork, therefore is no fragrance or odor that our candles put off. However scented tea lights or votives can refill the candle—that way you can choose your own scent!
  • Why doesn’t the outside of the candle melt?
    We design our candles with such a small wick, that the radial heat does not reach the outer walls. We will instruct you to melt the candle wick centered, and in increments, to create a hollow space that will fit a tea light or votive candle. This method is an old trick of the trade called the tunnel effect. We recommend not burning the original wick more than 2 inches deep, otherwise the side walls of the candle will start to cave in, or the wick will lose oxygen and not stay lit very long. To maintain the best glow effect, melting the wick setting to reflect at least ½” from the rim will allow the firelight to pass through the sidewalls.
  • The side of my candle is melting. Why? What can I do to fix it?
    There can be a variety of issues which can cause the radial heat of the flame to move off-center, such as an overhead draft or an angled setting. As we are a self manufacturing company, we take detailed concern in helping customers maintain the integrity of the art on the candle designs. If you are having problems melting your candle, please see our burning instructions, located on the card in the box with your candle, or at the top of this page.
  • What kind of replacement candle do you suggest I use?
    For replacement candles, it is recommended to use tea light or votive candles comprised of high quality wax. Scented candles can be an option. Battery powered LED lights are also an option for those who wish to enjoy their candles flame-free.
  • How many hours will the candle burn before I am able to use a tea light? Will the candle still glow when I use a tea light replacement?
    Typically, a hole sufficient for a small tea light takes 10-12 total burning hours. Votive candles require roughly 15-18 hours. The candle will still illuminate with the use of a tea light. To maintain the best glow effect, melting the candle deep enough so that the wick setting of the tea light sits around ½” below the rim of the candle will allow the firelight to pass through the sidewalls.
  • Will the candles still glow using tea lights that come in metal cups?
    Absolutely! We advise you to remove the metal cup off of the tea light candle prior to inserting into your handcrafted candle.
  • Do the candles give off smoke when burning?
    We use a purified paraffin wax, which burns clean. Our wicks are all cotton and square-braided for even and controlled melting. We recommend cutting the wick to ¼” to maintain a clean and smoke free burn.
  • Will I have trouble traveling with the candle? Will it melt in the heat?
    We box our candles up in well-insulated, sturdy packaging with the traveler in mind. The melting point of the wax we use is 175 degrees, so it can withstand high temperatures. However, direct sunlight will affect the surface of the candle and could potentially melt/warp the candle. Keep out of direct sun under any circumstance.
  • Do I need to keep the candle on a plate or a holder?
    Candle holders are optional as long as the candle is set on a perfectly flat surface. If the wick is on an angle, it is liable to burn uneven and may drip over the side.
  • How do you know what designs to make? Do you make whatever you want?
    Our inspiration comes straight from our customers! As our artists have years of experience in the industry, we have a number of designs that have proven most popular. While we are all trained in the basics of these designs, we each have our own artistic style, making every candle unique. We also get frequent custom requests that inspire us to create new artwork!
  • Who came up with this type of candle making?
    The cut and curl method of candle making was discovered in Europe over 100 years ago. Since then, artists from across the globe have engaged with this traditional technique and transformed candle carving into the many forms you see today.
  • How do your artists learn to make candles? Is there such thing as candle college?
    All of the artists who work with Sedona Candle Magic have been given apprenticeship style training for many weeks, if not months, in the craft. While some of our artists do have formal art training, it is not necessary.
  • How old is your company?
    Sedona Candle Magic was founded by artists with decades of experience in the candle carving industry in April 2017. We are an entirely self-manufacturing company, based in Uptown Sedona with three locations all within ½ of a block of each other. In each location, we have artists live-creating daily, all while merchandising our shelves. We also work in a production facility where we pour wax in molds, train in the craft, create website orders, and store back stock candles.
  • Do you ship? Outside of the US?
    We ship USPS Priority Mail anywhere within the US. Unfortunately, we are not shipping out of the country at this time.
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